Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the anniversary photo contest is HERE~ snap~ snap~ click! click!


I am thrilled to announce that it has been a full year of creating these designs!  I wanted these flowers for my girls and nobody was making them like this so there it was and here we are now with over 100 different designs and colorways. 

I am so lucky to share my creations with you and appreciative of your willingness to accept them into your homes.   I hope to keep creating new designs to keep things fresh, innovative, and guaranteed to turn heads.  This is my way of giving back to you by celebrating the anniversary of   TheMonkeyMoos

Thank you all!  Now let's get on with it  before I get all teary eyed!

***  Win 1 of 7 PRIZES ***

1 Winner of  TheMonkeyMoos Accessory Box
 Over $100 worth of goodies from TheMonkeyMoos line and a few one of a kind goodies~
6 Winners of  TMM + Photographers Offer
$25 credit for TMM accessories to our ETSY Shop + Photographers Offer
(Total Value = $100-150)
If you live in the vicinity of one of our participating photographers, here is a special bonus for you~ Graciously, they have added on to our celebration!
Look on our FB page under "Our photographers"  to see some samples.
( In your Anniversary Giveaway Box )
*****  Please make sure to follow instructions to win  *****
How to enter:
Step 1  
 Email your best photo/s showing off their best hair moments and non-hair moments~ something that says "I am fabulous" to
Extra points if a TheMonkeyMoos Hair accessory is being modeled.
 Mention your selected photographer if applicable.
Limited to 3 Photos.
Step 2
You must
"Like" and comment on ALL 6 photographers FB pages comment "TheMonkeyMoos sent me over~"
AshleyIsaacPhotography (friend request)
Step 3
 Get your votes in for your photos~
 I will post your photos on our FB page album under Anniversary Photo Contest . Best way to get your votes is to click and  "share"  your picture (share button is located on bottom left hand corner of the photo) and REQUEST comments.
Only comments and bonus points will count as a vote.
One comment per person.
* 6 Judges comprised of the participating photographers votes will make up 30 extra votes per judge. 1st place-20    votes  2nd place-10 votes 3rd place-5 votes.
* Become a follower of our blog: 5 votes
*Photo includes a TheMonkeyMoos flower modeled: 5 votes
*Tweet our ETSY shop: 5 votes
*Blog about our ETSY Shop: 10 votes
*Share our Giveaway in a blog: 10 votes
*Order an item from our SHOP only during the length of the contest: 20 votes per item / include your ETSY ID in the comment
{**Comment below with your link if applicable for each action for it to count**}
Participating Photographers:
One free mini session of your choice.
This offer is for just the session fee.
EXPIRES 10/31/11.  
(***You MUST write on your emailed photo entry  "BellaJewelPhotograhy" to select this photographer.***)
One free 30 minute session (up to 5 people)
10 proofs - Password Protected Print Site you can order from and share with friends and family.
LOCATION: South Texas in the Beeville area. 45 minutes north of Corpus Christi about an hour south of San Antonio.  Will travel if travel fees are paid for.
(***Write on your emailed photo entry  "Bros Grafix Photography" to select this photographer.***)
One free 30 minute session
10-12 images in a password protected gallery.
 It does not include a disc of images or prints/products.
LOCATION: : Southern California . Orange, San Diego and Riverside Counties only.
(**Write on your emailed photo entry  "ErinAlfaroPhotography" to select this photographer.***)
One full hour session
10 photos of the clients's choice burned to a disc.
LOCATION: St. Cloud Minnesota
(***Write on your emailed photo entry  "JanetScottPhotography" to select this photographer.***)
One free mini session
This will cover only the session fee.
LOCATION: Start, Louisiana
EXPIRES: Dec 1, 2011
(***Write on your emailed photo entry  "AshleyIsaacPhotography" to select this photographer.***)
One free mini session
This will cover only the session fee.
LOCATION: Tarrant County Texas
EXPIRES: Nov. 1, 2011
(***Write on your emailed photo entry  "Grey-Key Photography" to select this photographer.***)

You have 1 month to get your votes in! 
Winners will be announced May 29, 2011

Please remember that this is all for fun and TheMonkeyMoos and any of the participating photographers reserves the right to take you out of the photo contest if your actions are not respectable. If you have won a credit to our shop, after your purchase, you will be refunded the awarded amount within 24hours. If you are a winner of one of the photography sessions, you must meet all requirements and understand that if you have not followed any of the rules of the contest, your prize may be expunged at any time.  You will deal directly with the photographer to set up your session.  Please note that the photographers will not travel to any other part of the country, only where it has been noted under each photographer.  They will have current mini sessions/sessions that they are currently offering to choose from.  Please do not ask them to travel or make special arrangements other than what is shown here. 
All prizes and credits will expire Dec. 1, 2011.
 Please note: each photographer may have a different expiration date.

Write "Agreed"
 in the comments below so I know to look for you photos and
Send your photos to  Let's have some fun!


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